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Who will drive the buggy?

You drive! The instructor guides and drives ahead of you in another vehicle. If for some reason you want to do the route and not drive, the instructor can drive you in a 4-seater buggy. In this case, the price of a 2-seater buggy for 1 person and a 4-seater buggy for up to 3 people (maximum with the guide as driver) will apply. This must be indicated when booking.

What kind of driving license do I need to have?

To drive the buggy, you must have a category B driving license (light vehicles).

Any minimum or maximum age?
From 6 years old children will have a lot of fun!

The maximum age allowed by our personal accident insurance is 75 years old.

Do I need a helmet?

No, you don't, as the buggy are equipped with a seat belt, but if you have one and want to use it, that's fine with us.

Are the prices per person or per buggy?
The price marked on the price list is the price per Buggy regardless of the number of people traveling in it. That is, if you rent a 2-seater buggy, 2 people can go. If you rent a Buggy with 4 seats, up to 4 people can go.

Do I want to rent a buggy without a Guide/Instructor?
Sorry. We do not rent a buggy without a guide/instructor under any circumstances.

Can we change drivers during the trip?
Yes! During the stop that is made by the monitor to capture photos, they can change drivers, but always and only during that stop.
What do I need to take with me and what should I wear?
We recommend suitable clothes for each season, but always comfortable clothes that can get dirty. We provide protective eyewear free of charge.

Am I going to get dirty?
Our tours go through rivers, mud and will likely get stained or even wet almost certainly, either with water, dust or mud, so please bring appropriate clothing. We only have raincoats for rainy days... so, again... yes, you will probably get dirty. A Canam Buggy is an open vehicle so you are more likely to get dirty and/or wet. Of course, this mainly depends on the desire to have fun. It also depends on the trip you have chosen, time of year and weather conditions. We insist on advising you to bring warm clothes in winter and, if possible, also waterproof ones. Gloves are sometimes useful. A change of clothes is not a bad idea.

Can I choose the buggy?

Our buggy are practically the same with similar performance. When you arrive, the guide will assign you a buggy.

Can we do a private trip (just our family/company no others)?

Yes, we can check a time when this is possible and that there are no other reservations. For this to happen, at least 3 vehicles must be rented.

I have my own camera/Gopro to record the trip can I bring it?

Clear! Some buggies already have Gopro-type accessories.

If it rains, does the tour/trip work?
We are not afraid of a little rain, and we guarantee that the adrenaline is even greater, but if the day becomes really impossible or the forecast so indicates, the route is suspended. We always try to give you plenty of notice. It would entail a date change at no cost or a booking change to a gift card to freely redeem at another time.

What happens if I'm late?
Above all we like formality and punctuality. Bear in mind that there will certainly be more people waiting to leave. Nowadays with technology we no longer have an excuse to be late. Participants must be at our facilities at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If the route is, for example, at 10:00 am, we expect you to be at our facilities at least by 9:45 am. We left on the dot. If you're not there by that time - and you haven't let us know - we'll leave, and you'll be grounded and lose your reservation. If you let us know a little earlier and you're not more than 10 minutes late - i.e. 10:10 in our example - we'll wait. Remember that you wouldn't want to have to wait for other people either.
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